The Doctors

Dr. Carol Waldman

Since earning her DDS as a general dentist from the University of Toronto 1982, Dr. Waldman has focused on Cosmetic Dentistry. Having studied with the world’s foremost Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Waldman now teaches other dentists the art of dental esthetics.
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Dr. Negin Liaghati

Dr. Liaghati is a Family Physician with special interest in facial cosmetic procedures. She combines the eye of an artist with a meticulous attention to detail to provide the best results.
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Dr.Nazli Sheibani

We just recently welcomed Dr. Nazli Sheibani as an associate dentist to our practice. Dr Sheibani completed her DMD from the University of British Columbia ( UBC) in 2011. Previous to that ( 2006) she attained her Master in Restorative Dentistry from Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, Iran.
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Team Members

Sheila – Dental Hygienist

Languages Spoken- English, Tagalog

Years in Dental Industry- 5 years, Sheila has been working with Dr. Waldman since 2010

Memberships- CDHO, ODHA

Personal Interests- Being a mom, baking, arts and crafts, music and dancing. I enjoy dentistry because a person’s smile shows character and it is the first thing that stands out to me. I enjoy helping people improve and maintain their oral health

Dental Goals- To continue to provide optimal oral care and dental education to all of our patients.

Sue – Level 2 Dental Assistant

Languages Spoken- English, Mandarin

Years in Dental Industry- 17 years, Sue has been working with Dr. Waldman since 2004

Memberships- ODAA

Personal Interests- Watching movies with family and listening to music. Comfort and Satisfaction are my top priority.

Dental Goals- I strive to update my dental knowledge continuously.

Lorine – Level 2 Dental Assistant

Languages Spoken- English, Izon, Idew

Years in Dental Industry- 20 years, Lorine has been working with Dr. Waldman since 2000

Memberships- ODAA

Personal Interests- Reading the Bible, as well as teaching people about its message, singing, dancing, gardening and spending time with family

Dental Goals- To advance in dentistry, continuing to improve my skills through education

Monika – Business Administrator

Languages Spoken- English, Hungarian

Years in Dental Industry- 15, Monika has been working with Dr. Waldman since 2012

Personal Interests- Skiing, gardening and spending time with family and friends

Dental Goals- To provide a warm welcome and excellent customer service to all of our patients.

Tanya – Certified Practice Manager and Treatment Coordinator.

Languages Spoken- English

Years in Dental Industry- 24 years and began my journey as a Level 11 Dental Assistant. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Dr. Waldman for 9 years.

Memberships- ODAA, ADIA and Certified Member – Health and Safety

Personal Interests- Cooking, arts, dancing and travel – Spending time with my family.

Dental Goals- To continue to grow both professionally and personally. My focus in our practice is to exceed our patients expectation’s by providing a hands on approach when reviewing our patients treatment plans. Providing exceptional care and comfort is our number one priority and this approach is taken in our practice.

Marilyn – Level 11 – Dental Assistant

Languages Spoken- English, Armenian

Years in Dental Industry- 18 years – has been with Dr Waldman for 2.5 years

Membership – ODAA

Personal Interests- Travel

Dental Goals- It is gratifying being in the dental industry and having the ability to provide exceptional care and state of the art dentistry. It is my intent to be the best Dental Assistant by educating our patients.