Sedation Dentistry North York

Is it for Me?

Are you…
  • Delaying treatment you need and want?
  • Scared, even terrified, to pick up the phone to schedule?
  • In pain especially when you eat?
  • Someone who has trouble with gagging or getting numb?
  • Having trouble finding someone you can trust?
  • Looking to smile again with confidence?
  • Overwhelmed by thoughts of repeated visits to the dentist?

Join the millions of people just like you and experience Sedation Dentistry’s relaxed, easy state where dentistry can be accomplished in just a few visits, in the most comfortable way possible.
North York Sedation Dentistry

Hours Will Seem Like Minutes

Fortunately, many sedation medications have an amnesic effect. That means you’ll have very little, if any, memory of your visit. When your treatment is complete you may be a bit wobbly, so your companion will take you home and stay with you until you’re recovered. You’ll be amazed at how much can be accomplished in such a seemingly short period of time, while you were totally relaxed, and completely comfortable. And best of all, the very next day you will likely feel fantastic.

You may be a candidate for sedation dentistry if you experience any of the following:

  1. High Fear or Anxiety.
  2. Have had traumatic dental experiences.
  3. Have very sensitive teeth.
  4. A gag reflex.
  5. Extensive dental problems.
  6. A tight schedule.
  7. Difficulty in becoming numb.

Different levels of Sedation can be offered depending on your level of anxiety:

For patients (including children) we offer Nitrous Oxide Sedation (laughing gas). Nitrous oxide sedation has been used in dentistry safely for almost 100 years. Patients are carefully fitted with a comfortable nose piece (minimask) from which they breathe the slightly sweet gas mixed with oxygen. While patients remain fully conscious, they often report mild euphoria (some get giggly; hence the name “laughing gas”) or even a mild feeling of disassociation such as floating. For the duration of the dental appointment, patients relax while breathing normally. When the family dental procedure is completed, the effects are very quickly reversible and within a couple of minutes, following withdrawal of the nitrous oxide and administration of 100% oxygen, patients return to their pre-sedation condition.
For patients with more moderate anxiety, oral medication can be prescribed. Often provided to be taken at home the night before the dental appointment to allow for a relaxed and good night’s sleep and to allow for a more relaxed state even prior to arriving at our office, the medication is given again approximately an hour before you come to the office for your treatment. When you arrive in our office, you will already be feeling drowsy so you must be accompanied by a companion. Upon arrival, you will be escorted to the relaxation room. We will cover you up with a cozy warm blanket and monitor your vital signs at all times, more medication will be given depending on procedures and length of your appointment. When you are totally relaxed and comfortable, we will take care of your dental needs. When we have completed your dental treatment, we will have your companion take you home to enjoy the rest of your relaxing day.
For patients that are more anxious and find themselves dreading their dental care, we offer Intravenous Sedation; Difficult and involved dental treatments that would often require several appointments can be completed in one while you are fully relaxed.

Administered by Dr. Waldman and your vital signs will be monitored at all times by a registered nurse to ensure your safety and comfort. During this type of sedation most patients report that they feel absolutely nothing and that during their appointments they are relaxed, sleeping and comfortable at all times. You will not be unconscious, however, you will be in a deep and relaxed state but will be responsive.

You will literally sleep through your appointment with little or no memory of your visit here. Those individuals who have difficulty getting numb experience great success when they are asleep.

Since you will be sedated, you will require a companion to drive you to your appointment and home again after.

If you have avoided a visit to the dentist and feel you would like to experience the benefits of sedation dentistry, please call today to schedule your FREE consultation about this or any other aspect of dentistry you may have. The only thing standing between you and getting the dental care you want is a couple of tablets of medication. It couldn’t be simpler or more stress free.

People who have…

  • High fear
  • Traumatic dental experiences
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • A bad gag reflex
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • Complex dental problems
  • Limited time to complete dental care
People who…

  • Hate needles and shots!
  • Hate the noises, smells and tastes associated with dental care
  • Are afraid or embarrassed by their teeth