A New Smile Has Changed MyLife

By Duptronics September 3, 2010

Growing up, I always had difficulties with oral hygiene. Poor eating and brushing habits quickly took their toll as cavities continually plaqued my mouth. Many visits to the dentist slowly developed a fear of needles and oral pain. By high school I was too terrified to visit the dentist at all. Within a few years my teeth were so visibly decayed I had to cover my mouth whenever I laughed, and socializing became stressful.I found Dr. Waldman through a Google search for sedation dentistry and I’m glad I did. Dr. Waldman’s care was professional and I was made to feel comfortable throughout the restoration process. I was kept informed and it was clear that my comfort and satisfaction were priorities at all times. Sedation has helped me overcome my fear of the dentist, and with Dr. Waldman’s excellent guidance I have re-establised an effective oral hygiene regimen.The experience and the quality of work have entirely changed the way I live my life granting me the confidence and self-esteemI felt I had lost.Robert Lee