Are the Costs for Implants Really Worth It?

By Carol Waldman October 15, 2015

One common question many people have is whether the costs for dental implants are really worth the investment. Before answering this question, there are a few things you should be aware of to help you make your own decision. There are several different options available to replace missing or damaged teeth that cannot be saved using another method, like crowns and or root canal therapy. Some people get a partial plate, a fixed bridge or even a full set of dentures.

A partial plate is a small section of artificial teeth that is anchored to surrounding teeth to hold it in place. Over time the anchor can stress the teeth it is attached to, so eventually, these teeth will also need to be replaced. Since there are no actual teeth remaining in the gums, the gums start to shrink. With dentures, the artificial teeth are secured with pink acrylic to replace the shrunken gums and they sit on top the remaining gums. In addition, the jaw bone starts to deteriorate, which can cause up to 75% bone volume loss over time.

Due to the ongoing shrinkage of the jaw bone, both partial plates and dentures require replacement periodically. As previously mentioned, partial plates cause anchor teeth to wear down, so when they need replaced, a new bridge has to be created that includes those teeth. Since gums shrink in full denture wearers, eventually dentures start to slip and no longer remain in place. As a result, a new denture plate has to be created to restore the proper fit. Depending upon your age, you could have to replace these dental devices several times over your lifetime. It is recommended that patients have replacement of their full dentures approximately every five years. The total lifetime costs for partial plates or dentures could easily exceed the costs of dental implants.

With dental implants, a titanium screw is inserted into the jaw bone and an artificial tooth is attached to the screw. Since the device mimics an actual tooth, there is no gum shrinkage or bone volume loss. In most cases, once an implant has been installed, it lasts a lifetime with the proper dental hygiene and regular visits to your North York dentist. Additionally, dental implants are easier to care for at home and are brushed and flossed, just like normal teeth.

People, who have had teeth replaced with dental implants enjoy that they do not have to deal with problems common with partial plates and dentures, such as food getting underneath the device and causing gum irritation or embarrassing slippage. There is also no change in speech patterns or your ability to eat your favorite foods with dental implants.

In the end, it really comes down to your own preferences and what you desire. If you want to avoid future dental problems, common with dental bridges and dentures, then implants are a good choice. To help with the costs of dental implants, there are special dental financing programs available, and some even have 0% financing.

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