Before and After the Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic

By Duptronics June 13, 2008


I have known Dr. Waldman (Carol) as a cousin and friend since before I can remember. I was always aware of the cosmetic dental work that she was doing, but remained somewhat apprehensive about the idea of changing my smile even though I knew deep down that I was unhappy and somewhat self-conscious about many aspects of my smile. This could be evidenced by the fact that my mouth was closed in almost every family picture.

Every once and a while Carol would drop little hints as to the improvements which could be done to the inner workings of my mouth. After several years of persistent, yet kind coaxing, I decided at the beginning of this past summer to take the plunge and start the process which would enable me to keep my mouth open in those pictures.

What followed was not just a series of appointments, but rather a journey that Carol and I would share in our quest to create the perfect smile. The level of professionalism throughout this journey was remarkable and during each step Carol kept me informed of what was happening and of the great things that were right around the corner…


From start to finish, Carol and I spent approximately 2 months discussing, molding and shaping my mouth to set the 8 porcelain veneers into place for that perfect 10 smile. After the freezing wore off from my final appointment, I took a good long look at the new me in the mirror and was pleased beyond words.

I find it somewhat difficult to describe the newfound confidence in myself. While I have always been somewhat of a social and outgoing person, there was always a little something holding me back. Whatever this was, is now gone and I have Carol to thank for that. The procedure was relatively painless and to say that I have no regrets is an understatement. Now my smile and I go hand in hand wherever I go. My advice, take the plunge!

Jared S.