Bite Therapy Success With Deprogrammer

By Duptronics July 19, 2010

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Bite Therapy Success with Deprogrammer

It seems that we hear more and more people are suffering the discomfort of an improper bite. Tight jaw muscles, headaches, worn or chipped teeth are just a few ways this problem manifests. There are solutions to these problems and we’ve had great success with an appliance called a Deprogrammer. The way in which it works is by slightly keeping the teeth apart by having the front teeth bite on a small piece of acrylic behind the upper front teeth. This in turn allows the muscles of the jaw to relax in a neutral position. Once fully relaxed, or ‘deprogrammed’, Dr. Waldman can then more easily find the bite anomaly that forces the muscles into a stressed position. She can then often ‘adjust’ the bite, through a process called ‘equilibration’ which concludes with the patient feeling less muscular stress in increased stability and comfort on the bite.

Here’s what one of our patients had to say about it.

‘I was sceptical at first, thought I only needed a night guard. The deprogrammer stopped my night grinding and my jaw feels relaxed! I can’t believe what a difference the deprogrammer has made. Karyn M

Stay tuned for more responses from our patients on this simple yet highly effective treatment for jaw or TMJ problems