Bleeding Gums’ Bad Breath’ There is Hope!!!

By Carol Waldman April 1, 2011

Do you suffer from bleeding, swollen, sore gums’Are you embarrassed by bad breath and an awful taste in your mouth even after you’ve brushed’ Are you tired of your dentist and dental hygienist lecturing you that your oral hygiene is not up to par even though you are brushing twice a day’The mouth is the dirtiest part of the body with bacteria hiding in hard to reach places. So with all that is going on inside there, maybe it’s not entirely your fault!Oravital is a new periodontal fighting system just introduced in our office. It allows us to test patients in order to determine the types of bacteria living in their mouths and provide treatment to minimize the offending numbers.Here’s how it works. A sample swab is taken from the tongue and teeth,then sent for testing at a micro lab. The results tell us the types of bacteria that exist in the patients’ mouth and allow us to treat the symptoms by targeting the bacteria with specific anti-bacterial rinses. When the bacteria are under control, the patient is on the road to better oral health.This treatment along with daily flossing and brushing will help to ensure a clean, healthy and happy mouth.