Boost Your Smile for the Holidays

By Carol Waldman November 26, 2014

With the holidays coming up soon, many of our patients are starting to think about all their social engagements that are rapidly approaching.  Many of us will be seeing friends, family and business acquaintances and they want to look their best. Studies have shown that one of the greatest and most appealing and attractive features a person can have is their smile. Think of famous attractive people.  Nothing exceeds a great smile in terms of attractive traits.  Where would Julia Roberts be without her smile? (No one talks about her beautiful nose!) Or Will Smith, one smile from him can melt the coldest of hearts!  While eyes are also considered to be important, they come in a distant second to a smile.  And… we can’t change much about our eyes (except perhaps color with contacts and make up), but our smiles can often easily be enhanced. How are smiles easily enhanced?  Well as discussed earlier, Tooth whitening can make a dramatic difference in one’s smile.  Not only will the teeth be brighter, but most people smile more frequently and with more confidence once their teeth have been whitened.  And a confident smile is one of the most attractive features a person can have. Today there are so many tooth whitening options available.  These options range from full in office tooth whitening (which usually requires about 1 ½ -2 hours) to in-office to quickie whitening boosts requiring only about 15 minutes. So if you are interested in giving your smile a boost for the holiday season (or even afterwards), call our office to discuss the best whitening option to meet your needs.