10 Reasons Why You Need Orthodontics

Aside from the obvious benefits of having orthodontic treatment, there are many benefits other than simply having a nicer looking smile. Although this is the main goal for many, and rightly so, if you are on the fence about having treatment, or need to convince a family member of why… Read More

Helping Your Teenager Adjust to Braces

Most orthodontic corrective treatments for realigning the teeth are completed when your child is in their tween or teen years. However, the thought of having to wear braces and have them installed over their teeth can be a fearful experience, especially if they have heard various “stories” from their friends… Read More

Family Dentistry: Early Childhood Dental Care

Last week I talked about Family Dentistry and how we provide our patients with a risk assessment to manage their dental care for lifelong dental health. Today I would like to get a little bit more specific and start at the beginning: Early Childhood Dental Care. We are… Read More

Promoting Proper Oral Hygiene Habits in Teenagers

Teens are busy and active with school, sports, social events, and other activities that often make it seem like they do not have time to brush their teeth twice a day and floss once a day. On top of their active schedules, they tend to consume excessive amounts of junk… Read More

Carol Waldman Dentistry Shares How to Select a Toothbrush

The most important dental appliance you will use throughout your life to help remove food and plaque from your teeth is your toothbrush. However, finding the best one to match your particular dental needs can be rather challenging. If you were to browse the aisle at your local pharmacy or… Read More

North York Family Dentist Offers Tips to Maintain a Healthy Smile by Eating These Foods

It is not uncommon for our oral health to suffer when we neglect our own diets, as most of us do not fully understand the long-term impacts our dietary choices will have on our teeth. The old adage, “We are what we eat,” is true when it comes to your… Read More

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Get the Smile You Desire

With the New Year, it means a ton of New Year’s resolutions for people to make, and a month or two later to break. Sticking to New Year’s resolutions can be challenging, whether they are made to improve how much your exercise or to try to remember… Read More

What are the Five Most Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

When people are looking into cosmetic dentistry they are usually looking to improve their looks for personal or even professional reasons. There are five common procedures that most dentists in North York will perform to help you look your best. These procedures range from simple crowns or onlays… Read More

When Was the Last Time You Visited a North York Dentist?

For some people, the only times they visit a dental clinic in North York is when they have toothaches, tooth pain, broken, chipped, or cracked teeth, or crowns or fillings that have fallen out from their tooth. The rest of the time, they may avoid the dentist for various reasons,… Read More

Regular Visits to Our Dental Clinic in North York Help Detect Gingivitis

While some people might think gingivitis is only something the elderly should be concerned about, they would be wrong. In fact, gingivitis can affect anyone at any age, even children and teenagers. Gingivitis is a preventable disease with regular bi-annual visits to a dentist in North York, along… Read More