Cerec AC ?BluCam? Arrives

By Duptronics September 9, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I posted a message about the new Cerec AC (Automatic Capture) BluCam

Well, it has finally arrived!!

A totally new system, the Cerec AC BluCam is the most advanced of all digital impression cameras currently used in Dentistry. Along with the new CEREC 3D software , it will expand the spectrum of clinical indications from those that are in use with the older version. This means that in the near future, not only will this technology be used for making crowns, it will also be available to help create highly accurate models of patients’ teeth without the goopy impressions, temporary bridges, implant abutments and crowns as well as facilitate complete smile makeovers in just one day.

We are all excited about the future applications with this new camera, but even better, are the immediate improvements it provides for speed and accuracy when making crowns or onlays in a single appointment for our patients. And for our team, one of the best aspects is that the new accompanying software is more intuitive and easy to learn, keeping our training time to a minimum.