Cosmetic Tooth Color Matching Is An Art

By Carol Waldman July 13, 2011

Did you know that color matching teeth is one of the most challenging tasks in esthetic dentistry’ Tooth color is a complex combination of many factors, including enamel, dentin, and light reflecting through the tooth. Enamel absorbs and reflects light. The hues vary among patients and according to age. Young teeth are thicker and present higher luminosity. Old teeth are thinner and therefore less reflective. Dentin is responsible for the hue, chroma and fluorescence of teeth. These are basic shade , thickness and light passing through the tooth. To properly determine tooth color the dentist must carefully analyse the tooth structure, identify the color dimensions, isolate and prepare the area effectively and select and apply the correct composite material. The final critical step is polishing the restoration to ensure the brilliance & translucency for a true natural appearance.With the proper skill and material your dentist can give you a perfectly matched restoration that will be both functional and beautiful.