In-office tooth whitening special offer

Contact Dr. Waldman today for your In-office tooth whitening with Opalescent Whitening system for $450 including HST! This is a limited time Easter special with it being available until April 15th 2018. Contact us here today!… Read More

10 Reasons Why You Need Orthodontics

Aside from the obvious benefits of having orthodontic treatment, there are many benefits other than simply having a nicer looking smile. Although this is the main goal for many, and rightly so, if you are on the fence about having treatment, or need to convince a family member of why… Read More

Common Myths About Invisalign

Invisalign is fast becoming a very popular alternative to metal braces for many. As with any new development or advancement in dental treatment and technology there are always misconceptions and misinformation out there. We decided to put all of those myths to bed. Read on to… Read More

Helping Your Teenager Adjust to Braces

Most orthodontic corrective treatments for realigning the teeth are completed when your child is in their tween or teen years. However, the thought of having to wear braces and have them installed over their teeth can be a fearful experience, especially if they have heard various “stories” from their friends… Read More

Family Dentistry: Early Childhood Dental Care

Last week I talked about Family Dentistry and how we provide our patients with a risk assessment to manage their dental care for lifelong dental health. Today I would like to get a little bit more specific and start at the beginning: Early Childhood Dental Care. We are… Read More