Dental Implant Surgery: Part 3

For my last 2 postings, I discussed what happens during implant surgery in a relatively “healthy site” but all this changes when the patient needs the tooth removed because of a bad infection. By a bad infection, I mean one that cannot be resolved with simple antibiotics, the area… Read More

Dental Implant Surgery: Part 2

This is the second installment in my blog series about dental implant surgery. Last week we talked about what to expect when a tooth must be removed and the conditions necessary for replacement with an implant. Today, we will discuss what happens when the tooth has been missing for… Read More

Dental Implant Surgery: Part 1

Every so often, I have a patient who is about to lose a tooth from decay, accident or gum disease. They have heard of dental implants and know that dental implants can replace teeth, but they really don’t know what implants are or what to expect from the procedure. They… Read More

New Diploma for Mastery in Dental Implants in North York

Well, I did it! I recently returned from Los Angeles, California having completed the final session of my year long course in Advanced Dental Implant Treatment. When I finished the course, I received a double diploma issued by both Loma Linda University in California and the Global Institute for Dental… Read More

New Techniques in Implant Dentistry in North York

Many people believe that implant dentistry is simple: the dentist just has to place the implant into the jaw, wait for the bone to grow around the implant to stabilize it, and then place a crown. In fact, it is much more involved than that. Bone Grafting Today, to make… Read More