My Phenomenal Experience

My experiences and treatments with Dr. Waldman and staff have been nothing short of phenomenal. One of the major goals in my life was to straighten and repair the crooked I have had all my life. I planned and researched many treatments and dentists to be sure I would have… Read More

My New Tooth!

Dear Dr. Waldman I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my new tooth! A year ago you took x-rays, saw infection and told me that one of my teeth would have to be removed. Because it was a rear molar, I thought the tooth would not have to be replaced. You explained that not replacing the tooth is not an option that you recommend as it could lead to many problems in the future. You then explained my other two options: a bridge or a dental implant. Both sounded complicated and expensive and I asked what you would do if you were in my situation. Your advice was to have a dental implant. Because you have always provided excellent care to myself and my family, I trust and respect your judgment and decided to proceed with the dental implant. You referred me to Dr. Phillip Novack, a periodontist who performs dental implants. The entire implant process took nearly 8 months from the time my tooth was removed to the time that I was ready to have the crown placed on it. This was an investment in my health, my future, and myself. I was confident that the dental implant was a permanent solution to the missing tooth. Read More

Dr. Waldman, the Dental Perfectionist!

I have always been self conscious about my smile, but never had the guts to do anything about it until I was advised by my regular dentist to replace the cracked crown on one of my front teeth. I was worried that the new crown would stick out from the… Read More

Quality Dental Treatment ‘ The Smile I Always Wanted!

Dear Dr. Carol Waldman, I am very grateful to you and your staff for the care and first quality dental treatment I have received at your office. My experience could not have been more positive. I have always had irregular sizes of teeth, which affected my smile. However, after a long search for a cosmetic dentist, I was able to find you, who was understanding and determined in improving my smile. I was reluctant to have such extensive dental work done, because my primary concern was pain and whether I would be pleased with the end result. But, Dr. Waldman, you were very professional and patient with me in discussing all aspects of the process. Your entire staff was caring and willing to make my visits as comfortable as possible. Read More

State of the Art Dental Clinic in North York

Dr. Carol Waldman’s practice is the epitomy of professionalism and friendliness. This warm, inviting office is furnished with the most up-to-date dental technology. And everyone in the office is part of the team. Not only is the office state-of-the-art, Dr. Waldman prides herself in continually upgrading… Read More