Thank You For Everything!

Carol, where do I begin to thank you for everything you have done and still do for me. I came into your office approx. 6 years ago. Two acquaintances, Linda and Michelle referred you to me. As always, the first meeting is always trying to figure out whether this person is what one looks for, I knew you were immediately! You're a great host. I came in there late last year with a problem that you were concerned about. You took great care in making sure that I was being looked after. You referred me to Philip Novack, a very reputable Peridontist. He took the time to explain, what was going to be a long journey of dental work more enjoyable. I have visited the two of you so many times; I contemplated asking the both of you for a part- time job. I thought this would enable me to get a staff discount. You were there all the time with Phil's procedures. You followed up and made sure everything was done right. I had concerns and called you a few times with them, you had an open ear. ALWAYS, and that I am most grateful for. Read More

Nothing Short of Fantastic

From the initial consultation to the completion of my new upper veneers the experience at Dr. Carol Waldman's Office of Cosmetic Dentistry, was nothing short of fantastic. Dr. Waldman and her staff put me at ease, fully explaining the process and ensuring that all of questions were answered to my complete satisfaction, prior to the insertion of the veneers. Read More

My First Visit

Dear Carol, Lori, and staff. I just wanted to inform you all, as to how pleased I was with my (first) visit to your office. From the moment I entered your office, I was greeted in a proper and professional manner. I noticed your receptionist is also having her teeth fixed. I found Laura to be very knowledgeable and professional in how she worked with me through the tedious " picture taking " exercise, and sharing with me her preliminary findings, she helped me to feel comfortable throughout the whole process while she pre-preped me for you. Read More

My Dazzling Smile

Dear Dr. Waldman, As I become accustomed to my dazzling smile (which is what I wanted), I look back on the process of getting my veneers. From start to finish you were ahead of the game, for which I was grateful. There was no undue pressure to have this work done, but some examples were provided to show how well my smile could be enhanced. I wish to mention that the entire procedure was painless. I consider this great progress in dental care - and must admit in the past I greatly feared having dental work. In point of fact, one dentist once said that "I was a suck" for asking for more freezing! Read More

Your Contributions to the Exceptional Millennium Aesthetics Course

Dear Dr Waldman On behalf of myself, Debra, Nicole and Wendy, let me express my deep gratitude to you for your contributions to the exceptional Millennium Aesthetics Course this year. The entire experience exceeded my expectations. Wendy still shows off her new smile at every opportunity! Carol, I appreciated your eagerness to share your knowledge and experience. The ideas and 'tricks' you showed us that allow you to get the exceptional results you do, will stimulate me to constantly think of how to 'do it' better. You really demystified occlusion and gave us some parameters for managing anterior implant esthetics and the papilla that will be very helpful. Read More