Even Newer Techniques for Implant Surgery

By Carol Waldman April 10, 2013

Implant Techniques Constantly Evolving

The placement of dental implants has always been one that requires not only skill, but also experience to determine the best means of dealing with the different situations that may arise during surgery. But it is also crucial that the experienced surgeon not rely solely on techniques perfected in the past. Dental Implant Surgery, as in all aspects of our society, is constantly evolving, requiring the surgeon to constantly update her skills.

In the not so distant past, it was essential to the surgeon to leave the site from which has been removed for at least six months to allow for the bone to regenerate and create a receptor site for the dental implant to replace the lost tooth. Now however, studies have shown that it is often possible to place the implant at the time of tooth removal, thus shortening the time for fully replacing the missing tooth by as much as six months or longer. In some ideal circumstances, it is possible to enter your dentist?s office with a front tooth that requires removal (due to any number of circumstances such as fracture, decay, or infection) and leave the dental office with your new implant and temporary crown, so well matched to your existing teeth that your smile would still be just a beautiful as it was prior to entering the dental office.

This progress in the placement of immediate implants is drastically improving the services that we can provide to our patients by minimizing the inconvenience of dental implant treatment.
It is an exciting option to now be able to offer our patients.

My Team and I continue to look forward to learning about and implement the constant stream of new techniques to help our patients meet their dental goals in a faster and easier manner.