Invisalign Treatment and Special!

By Carol Waldman September 4, 2015

In order to keep our patients stimulated about caring for their teeth and oral health, our office regularly offers financial incentives on certain optional treatments. These services include treatments such as tooth whitening or orthodontic treatment through means of Invisalign®.

This month we are happy to offer up to $500 dollars off of Invisalign treatment, but what does that mean for you?

Well many people who normally wouldn’t think that they need braces or conventional treatment are now starting to see the advantages of correcting minor crowding and tooth rotations in a simple and convenient treatment modality.

Many of our patients are experiencing minor to moderate crowding of their teeth. Some patients have even noticed one particular tooth (usually on the bottom front teeth) that appears more recessed into the jaw and taller than all the other teeth on either side.







Note crowded lower teeth and one tooth being pushed out of alignment as well as chipping of the edges of teeth.


Unfortunately, situations such as this continue to worsen over time, with crowding getting worse and the tall tooth eventually being crowded out of the mouth.

In addition, if you notice that your front teeth are chipping on the edges, this is a sign that your bite is likely off, with your teeth not fitting together properly. Often correcting your bite with invisible aligners such as those provided by Invisalign®, can simply correct these situations quickly and invisibly.






Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign is a proprietary treatment option for orthodontics that offers several advantages over traditional braces. Besides being invisible, Invisalign allows patients to floss and brush teeth normally, avoid the pitfalls of having wires or brackets get dislodged and eat any foods that you wish without concerns of damaging wires of traditional braces.

So when you next look in the mirror, check out your teeth and see if you are a candidate for simple, clear aligner treatment with Invisalign® and call us to take advantage of our seasonal promotion for this terrific treatment!