Laser Whitening in North York

By Carol Waldman November 26, 2014

Did you know that laser tooth whitening or laser tooth bleaching as it is often called, is in fact, not really accomplished with a laser?

The term “laser tooth whitening” was actually coined more than 20 years ago when tooth bleaching or teeth whitening was first developed.

Lasers, being the very cool technology at the time were originally thought to provide the most intense energy to complete the chemical process (oxidation or bleaching of the discoloured substrate of the tooth structure) that results in whitening of the teeth.

However, as private industry took over from researchers, they found that visible light actually provided the energy more efficiently than lasers, and with a much higher safety margin as well; reducing risk to eyes, gum tissue etc.)

So, while the term laser tooth whitening is still commonly used, you should know that the lights used today are called visible light. They are safer than lasers and help to produce the superior results that are accomplished today.

See the attached photos for an example of a patient that just had their teeth whitened this week in our office.

These photos are not retouched.  See the different shade tabs used to verify the colour changes for the patient