My Dazzling Smile

By Duptronics July 25, 2008

Dear Dr. Waldman,

As I become accustomed to my dazzling smile (which is what I wanted), I look back on the process of getting my veneers. From start to finish you were ahead of the game, for which I was grateful. There was no undue pressure to have this work done, but some examples were provided to show how well my smile could be enhanced.

I wish to mention that the entire procedure was painless. I consider this great progress in dental care – and must admit in the past I greatly feared having dental work. In point of fact, one dentist once said that “I was a suck” for asking for more freezing!

In any event, your staff excelled in every area, from juggling appointments to answering questions and generally helping me stay calm.

When I compare what other people might do in the line of ‘”cosmetic” surgery I am really convinced that a beautiful smile is a valid improvement, and while costly, it is well worth it.

I thank you Dr Waldman for a whole new outlook on dentistry in general, and guidance through the cosmetic procedure. Meeting you has been a pleasure.


Catherine U.