My First Visit

By Duptronics July 25, 2008

Dear Carol, Lori, and staff.

I just wanted to inform you all, as to how pleased I was with my (first) visit to your office.

From the moment I entered your office, I was greeted in a proper and professional manner. I noticed your receptionist is also having her teeth fixed.
I found Laura to be very knowledgeable and professional in how she worked with me through the tedious ” picture taking ” exercise, and sharing with me her preliminary findings, she helped me to feel comfortable throughout the whole process while she pre-preped me for you.

Carol, you were ” great” with your attention to detail, your knowledge, expertise and experience. Thank
you for taking your time with me, and explaining to me, how my present dental status / smile, can be ” greatly improved ” as you proceed with your analysis. 1 actually feel” very positive ” about my choice and visit with you and your staff.

Because of the current condition of my teeth and my adamant desire to get them fixed I was looking for a dentist to help me. I was ” referred ” to the other dentist after I met a driver at a wedding (I was driving for) and he had his teeth fixed by his dentist, and they,” looked great”.

I feel that I discovered and learned more, from you and laura with my first visit to your clinic, than my 3 visits with the other dentist. It was an ” intuitive ” feeling that prompted me to seek you out, and I am ever so glad I did.
Please, email the ” reconstructive ” picture you took of me yesterday, and also is an ” implanted supported denture ” a possible option for me’

I am actually looking forward to my next visit with you and your staff, and experiencing once again a beautiful, healthy and confident smile.

After my session with Jonathan, yesterday I would like to consider and explore the ” above the gum ” options. Getting a cat scan for the implant option is (at this time) quite expensive. At my next scheduled visit I would like to further discuss the ” above the gum ” solution/option ‘s and also a finanicing plan that I can get started with and what” work ” the plan will cover.

Once again, thank you. When I arrived home last night my mouth and teeth felt quite different. I would say “clean and sensitive “.

Gerard C. M.