New Cerec AC Camera: The future without ?goopy? mouth impressions

By Duptronics July 20, 2009

Sirona has now released its newest technological advance: The Blu Camera; also known as Cerec AC.

Whats so great about this new piece of hardware (and concomittant software)’ Well possibly everything.

This is the beginning of what so many of us dentists and patients alike have been waiting for. This camera is capable of taking fully 3D images of all the teeth and surrounding structured (gums) and then creating a highly accurate model produced by the process of sterolithography (see:

What does this mean for the average dental patient’ Well if you are used to coming to the dentist for just cleanings and leaving with a clean bill of health, nothing, but if you need even a single crown or onlay or even implants or orthodontics, it means a lot. No longer will you have to put up with the gooey impression material that could cause gagging, or just discomfort. All that is required is for your teeth to be lightly sprayed with a reflectionless powder (like make-up foundation powder) and then have the camerainserted into your mouth ( it is about the size of a thick screwdriver handle) and moved aroundthe teeth. The software clicks away and can take multiple images within seconds and “voila” your mouth mould is done without anything touching your teeth other than the light power.

There are so many wonderful applications of this technology in the pipeline. Some of the possibilities are for combining the technology with Invisalign to have aligners made from these digital images and emailed directly to Invisalign.

Other applications include planning implant placements with the use of high tech cone-beam technology.

As a dentist who loves the advances the technology offers, I am very excited about the near and far future and have already placed my order for the new camera, and expect delivery within 6-8 weeks.

Keep posted for more information on this exciting new technology