New Patient Communication Systems

By Duptronics March 14, 2009

All patients are used to getting the familiar reminder call for your upcoming appointments, but now, with the implementation of a new and very sophisticated Patient Communication System we are able to communicate with all of our patients so much more efficiently!

Now for patients whose lives are so busy with so many details and appointments, you can be contacted through this software directly to your mobile phone by text messaging reminding you of appointments up to one hour prior to your scheduled time . Soon we will be able to even send your scheduled appointment directly into your scheduling software so that you don’t have to even enter the appointment manually.

In addition, we will be able to send you patient satisfaction surveys that are confidential as well an office newsletter and much more.

We are also working at being able to have all our patients fill out their medical forms and personal forms directly into our patient management software, all done from the convenience of your own home or office. You will also be able to directly access your financial records.

Our office will find it much easier to stay in contact with our highly valued patients through use of all these advancements. Just another example of our efforts to provide the best service possible.

Please keep your eyes and mind open for special promotions such as our “Teeth Whitening” specials, Patient Referral Bonuses and Hygiene participation draws for great prizes.