New Techniques in Bonding Teeth

By Carol Waldman March 15, 2011

I have recently returned from one of the best continuing education courses that I have ever taken in my whole career!

Last month I spent one whole week in Southern Brazil inthe cityof Curitiba. In Curitiba there isthe Fahl Center, a learning institute named afterits founder; Dr. Newton Fahl.

In this center,I and seven other dentists from all parts of the world spent an average of 12 hours a day for five straight days, learning both basic and new techniques for creating beautiful and natural teeth through bonding with composite resin. While this has been one of my skill sets for many years, it was here that I learned about the vast number of products available to make these restorations easier and more lifelike.I also learnedhow to be much more critical of my work and produce results like never before.

My teacher, Dr. Newton Fahl, was terrific and took us all back to basics. Hetook us on a journey ending in complex restorations using a multitude of shades and products that allowed us, as clinicians to mask dark teeth, produce teeth that shownot onlytranslucencies on the edges, but demonstrate properties of fluorescence and opalescence and subtleties of shading. We also focused on how to close gaps between teeth and produce beautiful natural results. All this with less tooth preparation (drilling) than would be necessary with porcelain veneers.

Now bonding isn’t for every patient need, and porcelain restorations still will produce the longest lasting restorations when done properly, but now I have one more treatment option for patients that I feel confident to offer!