Reclaim the Wonderful Feeling of Youth With a New Set of Permanent Teeth!

By Carol Waldman August 21, 2015

So the buzz is out! More and more of my patients are asking about Teeth in a Day. So I have decided to answer these questions here in my blog:

What is “Teeth in a Day”
Unlike conventional dentures, ‘Teeth in a Day’ technology allows the dentist to convert a patient from either an old style removable denture or to remove remaining teeth, which are in poor health, and replace these teeth with new implant supported fixed teeth, feeling like having a full mouth of new healthy real teeth. The “Day” part of this name highlights that the old denture or teeth are removed, implants placed and new fixed teeth inserted all in a single day appointment.

How do they feel?

Unlike conventional dentures, which can be bulky and rely only on suction to be kept in place, implant retained teeth do not dislodge when biting into food! So foods like apples, corn on the cob and crusty bagels can once again be part of your regular diet and you can now experience the joy of great foods!

One day transition:
Unlike usual implant restorations that often require months of healing prior to placing the final restorations (teeth), due to a property called “Cross Arch Stabilization”, your implants are restored in a single day, returning you to full social interaction immediately. There will be no days of hiding out at home waiting for healing without teeth.

No Need for Grafting:
When a tooth is lost, often the supporting bone melts away. If too much bone is lost, there isn’t enough bone left to hold an implant. Often this will require rebuilding the bone with a process called bone grafting and several months of healing. With ‘Teeth in a Day’ most people can avoid bone grafting due to the large number of sites available for the surgeon to find bone to place the implants.

Reduced Costs:

Prior to the development of the “Teeth in a Day” concept, often 8-10 implants and bone grafting was required to provide a new set of teeth. This was often a long and exhausting process. “Teeth in a Day” has made a revolution by significantly bringing the cost down for more effective and satisfying results. The exact cost varies by patients and their condition but with less number of implants and simpler Teeth-in-a-Day procedure, ‘Teeth in a Day’ is a definite solution for people who are tired of the problems associated with dentures or have poor dental health.

So, I hope that I have answered most of your questions here about this new concept for teeth replacement. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at:

Until next week,
Smile, eat well and stay healthy!