Sedation Dentistry Transforms Patient?s Life

By Duptronics August 26, 2009

There are so many patients that for any number of reasons are terrified of receiving dental care. Our office has recently implemented an extremely safe method of sedation to help these people realize the care that they need and want.

Recently a patient who was terrified of dental care gingerly approached our office to determine if we could help her overcome her terror and allow her to get the smile makeover she dreamed about.

An extremely pretty young woman, Susan (alias) would come into our office with her head down, her mouth hidden behind her hand, and break out in a sweat, shaking as the I approached her. Through gentle examination and coaching by me and Tanya, our Treatment Coordinator, Susan slowly began to trust us to examine her and determine a treatment plan to meet not only her basic dental needs, but also her desire for a more beautiful smile.

This past month under intravenous sedation (IV sedation) with the use of the drug Midazolam, Susan under went her first transformation. Completely relaxed during the procedure, but able to respond to questions that awoke her from a light sleep or doze), Susan had her teeth prepared for her new smile and completed her appointment with temporary veneers and crowns that completely transformed her smile.

Though Susan still has a long way to go in terms of completing her treatment, (she still needs implants), and she is still very apprehensive when coming to our office, she leaves smiling and confident that she is finally able to not only get the needed dental care, but feels great about her appearance. Now Susan’s smile match her pretty looks, she holds her head high and her confidence has skyrocketted.