Sedation Options In Our Office

By Duptronics July 9, 2010

It was a week of sweltering heat in T.O. Thank goodness for a.c. It was a sizzling hot week in our office too. We hadseveral large casesthat required various forms of sedation. For example, we did beautiful Cerec crowns on a very nervous patient with general anaesthetic, she wanted to be completely asleep and then wake up with all her crowns done in a single visit. On another patient we performed implant second stage surgery along with bone grafting site development for future implants and new provisional crowns on all 12 teeth on the upper arch. He only wanted local freezing and was most comfortable with this. A third patient had a single front tooth implant placed and was mostcomfortable with oral sedation and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) only. She woke up to a new fully aesthetic “tooth” (provisional crown) where there had been no tooth before.It is so satisfying to be able to meet our patients’ needs and be able to produce this level of care. We do not provide “one size fits all” dentistry. Our practice is committed totreating each of our patients as an individual with their own specific requirements. Our objective is to do the very best we can to meet the needs, goals and expectations of our patients.