Sleep Dentistry Now Available!

By Duptronics April 13, 2009

After several months of strict and rigorous training, I have now been licensed to administer the medication necessary to let patients relax to the point of sleeping while receiving their dental care.

Intravenous sedation works quickly to help patients relax and wake up with little of no memory of having undergone dental care and most importantly, patients wake up relaxed and comfortable.

Many patients who have been avoiding dental care because of the anxiety they undergo with dental care can now comfortably have all their dental needs addressed while fully relaxed in a sleep like state.

Intravenous moderate sedation is one of the safest modes of sedation available. Administered by me, Dr. Carol Waldman, patients are carefully looked after a by a Registered Nurse fully trained in this sedation technique. In fact, there will be a complete team of dental professionals pampering and looking after every patient.

If you are interested in this wonderful treatment option, please call our office at 416-445-6000 and speak to Tanya to arrange for your fully relaxed dental care!