Thank You For Everything!

By Duptronics July 30, 2008

Carol, where do I begin to thank you for everything you have done and still do for me. I came into your office approx. 6 years ago. Two acquaintances, Linda and Michelle referred you to me. As always, the first meeting is always trying to figure out whether this person is what one looks for, I knew you were immediately! You’re a great host.

I came in there late last year with a problem that you were concerned about. You took great care in making sure that I was being looked after. You referred me to Philip Novack, a very reputable Peridontist. He took the time to explain, what was going to be a long journey of dental work more enjoyable. I have visited the two of you so many times; I contemplated asking the both of you for a part- time job. I thought this would enable me to get a staff discount. You were there all the time with Phil’s procedures. You followed up and made sure everything was done right. I had concerns and called you a few times with them, you had an open ear. ALWAYS, and that I am most grateful for.

The tail end of my adventure with you is almost over and to a certain degree I’m happy. You have left me with a great respect and honour for your trade. You have chosen a career that makes people feel and look good. Your staff is great. They always made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked into your office. You share an office at Wellington St. with Alan Horenfeldt. Every time I went to that office, he treated me with the utmost respect, what a colleague.

Carol, thank you SO much. I wish you continued success. I know other people that go to you feel the same. I know that I will have you as my dentist for a VERY long lime.



Jeff T.