The NSequence Treatment for fast appointments

By Carol Waldman August 31, 2015

Last week I reintroduced the concept of “Teeth in a Day”. This week, I will take you a step further in the technological development of this technique

As many of you know, dental implants are a large part of my practice. With more than a decade of experience of both placing and restoring dental implants, I now offer one of the most technologically advanced techniques for replacing lost teeth.

Several years ago, a new technique was developed called “Teeth in a Day”. (See last week’s blog.) This technique required the placement of only 4-6 implants in either the upper or lower jaws to provide patients with a full complement of permanent (fixed) new teeth. This technique frees patients from not only having to wear a removable denture, but also eliminates most if not all bone grafting to rebuild lost bone to hold the implants. The best part about this full-arch rehabilitation is that it provides aesthetic and functional teeth in just one day. By just one day, we mean that any remaining teeth are removed and implants placed along with fixed teeth, all in a single appointment. These non-removable teeth are fixed permanently on four-six implants, making ‘Teeth in a Day’ a most stable and reliable solution for edentulous patients.

However, this process has been even more radically improved with the use of new technology supplied by NSequence.

With NSequence, I am able to not only place implants and teeth that are fixed in a single appointment, but any pre-treatment (planning appointments) are greatly reduced in number and length of time as all records are digital and computerized. There isn’t even a need for the old fashioned impressions that can cause gagging.

And because everything is computerized, it is more accurate, replaceable and surgical appointments far shorter.