The Pleasure of Family Dentistry

By Carol Waldman March 31, 2015

I have spent the past several weeks discussing dental implants in North York but now I would like to change directions and talk about a major part of my practice which is Family Dentistry.

If you have been following my blogs, you will see that while I have a passion for rebuilding teeth for patients who have complex dental needs, treating families with their routine dental care is also a favorite part of my practice.

Having been in practice for over 32 years, I have many patients for whom I have had the pleasure of providing their dental care for many years. It is truly a treat to treat not only the children of my patients, but in some cases, even their grandchildren!

At York Mills Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on not only maintaining but building strong personal relationships with our patients. By keeping up with all the changes that have occurred in the dental profession over the past few decades, I am also able to provide dentistry that is based on strong research and proven clinical results.

New Crown Technology in Family Dentistry

One example of this is our CEREC machine. This wonderful piece technology allows us to make fully customized crowns for our patients, sometimes in less than one hour from start to finish.

You see, CEREC uses an optical scanning device (like a camera) to take a picture of your tooth that is ready to receive a crown and then, with the use of the computer software, it allows me to design your crown to exact specifications. These crowns are made out of a high tech porcelain, with accuracy to within a few microns.

What does this mean to you? Well, if you need a crown, there is no need for a gooey impression in your mouth, no need for a temporary crown and no need to return in 2 weeks for more anesthetic and to have crown cemented onto your tooth. Instead, it is all done in a single appointment and no goo! And even better, since the accuracy is so great, rarely do we have to adjust your bite on your new CEREC crown, (as I often have to do with crowns that are made by hand in a lab,) allowing us to maintain the high gloss finish.

And CEREC is just one aspect of the special services that we are able to provide for our patients at York Mills Family Dentistry in North York. Stay tuned, because next week I will write more about the great services we offer.

Let’s see, will it be Invisalign Treatment? Our high-tech sterilization program? Our “Bad Breath Clinic”? Our wonderful team of Hygienists? Sedation? Our Anti-Cavity Program, Carifree)? There are so many topics to choose from. I guess I have a week to think about it.

See you next week at York Mills Family Dentistry Blog