The Rewards

By Duptronics October 26, 2009

So often, dentists perform a service for their patients with the hope that they were able to provide their patients with a pleasant experience and a positive outcome, but with little acknowledgement or feed back from their patients.

Recently, Tanya (The Treatment Co-ordinator for our team) and I were able to look back on this past year and realize that not only we did in fact have a very positive outcome for certain patients, but that we contributed to changing their lives!!!

We realized this when having a discussion about the positive benefits of having a confident smile. Then as we were talking about this, it came up that we know of at least 3 patients that came to our office hoping to feel better about their smiles and within a year of completing treatment became brides!!! Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that if we do your dental work, you can find yourself in a new romantic relationship, but the improved confidence and appearance of a “Smile Make-over” sure doesn’t hurt.

We also had another patient who within the past year, told us that he wanted to change his life and hoped that improving his smile would improve his chances of getting a better job. Well, again, I am not saying that you can get a better job with a smile make over, but this patient and our team acknoweledge, that it sure didn’t hurt.

So, if you feel thatyou lack the confidence to smile from “ear to ear”, perhaps a Smile Makeover by our team might be something that you might wish to consider!!!