The Teeth and Body Connection

By Carol Waldman October 10, 2011

I just attended a charity function for the organization AARC (Arthitis and Autoimmune Research Council) and listened to Dr. Edward Keystone keynote speech about the progress in research for arthitis and autoimmune diseases. During this speech he presented the results of new research that apply directly to dentistry. He reported that new studies are linking gingivitis and rheumatoid arthitis. Though this research is early, it is pointing to evidence that cleaning up your mouth, may help your arthritis. This has huge implications for our general health, as rheumatoid arthritis is just one of many autoimmune diseases; a group of disesases that also includes diabetes.

So, if you are experiencing symptoms of rheumatoid arthitis (different from osteo-arthritis), try improving your your brushing and flossing and see if your AR impoves. And stay tuned for more information on this subject as the research comes in!