Transition Your Smile in Just One Day

By Carol Waldman August 15, 2014

Dental Implants are constantly evolving. Today it is possible to transform your mouth in even just one day. While obviously more than a single appointment is needed to make this transformation accurately, the preliminary appointments are often for taking records, models, photos, x-rays, measurements etc. as well as planning out each patients’ wants and needs, but often, with the help of technology, no actual treatment may be necessary until the day that your new teeth are delivered.

Called Teeth in a Day….

Patients who previously had poor fitting dentures or badly broken down teeth, can receive both their implants and fixed (non-removable) teeth all in one appointment. Quite literally, having an “extreme smile makeover” in a single visit. If this sounds appealing to you or you think that one of your friends or relatives could benefit from this treatment.

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