The Truth About Your Smile

By Carol Waldman May 13, 2014

“A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.” Sounds cliche, right? There has actually been a lot of scientific research done to investigate the impacts of smiling on ourselves and those around us. Dr. Marianne LaFrance, a Professor at Yale University and author of Why Smile? and Lip Service reveals her discoveries of the impacts of smiling. When you smile, your mood changes; your demeanor changes. You are more easily able to let things roll off your shoulder. Unfortunately, many people are ashamed or embarrassed by the appearance of their smile due to the appearance or structure of their teeth. General dentists are great for routine cleaning of the teeth, but if you’re in need of more extensive attention; such as whitening, bonding of teeth with gaps, veneers, implants, reshaping, or orthodontics, a cosmetic dentist like Dr. Carol Waldman may be necessary. Don’t let the physical appearance of your teeth hold you back from all of the happiness and peace that can come simply from enjoying smiling.