When Was the Last Time You Visited a North York Dentist?

By Carol Waldman May 10, 2016

For some people, the only times they visit a dental clinic in North York is when they have toothaches, tooth pain, broken, chipped, or cracked teeth, or crowns or fillings that have fallen out from their tooth. The rest of the time, they may avoid the dentist for various reasons, such as:

  • A prior bad experience with a dentist or other medical professional.
  • A general fear/anxiety of dental offices, dental treatments, or dentists.
  • A dislike for the smells, sounds, and tastes in a dental clinic.
  • A dislike of others putting their fingers and dental instruments in their mouth.

Not taking care of your teeth with regular dental cleanings and checkups could result in potential long-term damage to your teeth and gums. One of the more common dental problems people experience with infrequent visits is buildup of tartar. This is called calculus by the dental profession. This build up can cause the gum tissue to become inflamed and it may start to recede and pull away from the root of the tooth, exposing more of the tooth surface, as well as cause the gums to bleed. This can sometimes result in a toothache, too.

In addition, teeth that are not properly cleaned are much more susceptible to progressive gum disease (called Periodontitis). This not only involve gums, which become inflamed, but also the bone, which can literally melt away with time as a result of the ongoing inflammation of the gum tissue. As the disease progresses, increasingly more of the root is exposed, and the tooth could become loose, and even fall out. In addition, there has been medical research conducted, which has linked a higher risk for heart disease, premature birth and other medical conditions, as a result of periodontal disease, and the bacterial infection it causes in the gum tissue.

How to Regain Control over Your Dental Health with Regular Visits

The first step to restoring your dental health is to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Carol Waldman. Dr. Waldman offers a wide range of services and treatments for patients of all ages, even those, who are afraid of visiting the dentist. An initial consultation appointment allows Dr. Waldman and her team of dental professionals the opportunity to discuss your concerns, answer your questions, and ensure you are completely relaxed and comfortable during dental cleanings and treatments.

In her North York Dental Office, she offers several ways of relaxing patients during treatment and these include conscious sedation, general anesthesia, and laughing gas. The type of sedation best designed to address your concerns can be determined by you and Dr. Waldman together based upon your level of anxiety and/or the length of the procedures. Sedation dentistry is an ideal solution to ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy during regular bi-annual visits, as well as for any additional dental procedures you require.

After you initial consultation, a personalized dental treatment plan is developed to address your current dental needs. Normally, treatment will start with a detailed cleaning of your teeth, x-rays to check for cavities and decay, and an inspection of existing dental work. Once the teeth are cleaned and plaque and tartar have been removed, the next step is to resolve any potential problems, like cavities, staining, or chipped, cracked, broken, or missing dental work and/or teeth.

Most patients, who have received sedation dentistry during their visits, normally report a general feeling of relaxation and comfort, while dental procedures were being performed. For those with moderate to severe anxiety, they often have very little memory of the actual work that was completed on their teeth and gums and awake refreshed afterwards.

Thanks to the latest advances in sedation dentistry, you can stop putting off regular visits to the dentist. To learn more about this service or to schedule a consultation appointment to take the first step for regaining control over your dental health, contact Dr. Carol Waldman’s dental clinic in North York, by calling 416.445.6000 today!