Xmas Blog A time for Reflection

By Carol Waldman December 12, 2011

This is the time of year when people tend to look back and assess the year that has been and start to think about the coming year and what that might hold in store. So here is just an overview of where our practice has been in 2011 and where we plan to be in 2012.

In January we introduced the ‘Oravital’ Periodontal System into our practice in order to help patients in the treatment of chronic bad breath and periodontal disease. This step by step program of identifying the underlying bacteria causing the problems and then treating this with a series of oral rinses has had a great impact on people whose lives have been hampered by living with bad breath and chronic oral infections.

In February Dr. Waldman traveled to Brazil to study the fine art of tooth bonding with the world renowned Dr. Newton Fahl . She came back with new and exciting techniques that enable her to resurface and build up front teeth in a conservative manner, with esthetic results that rival those of porcelain, without the associated lab fees that come with porcelain work.

March saw Dr. Waldman receive her mentorship certification for the Kois Center; a world renown institute of higher learning for practising dentists. This elite program teaches other dentists the most successful, newest and advanced techniques for restoring and maintaining patients oral health. The mentorship certification allows Dr. Waldman to assist with the teaching program at the institute.

In April, Dr. Waldman was appointed to the advisory board of the Toronto Implant Institute, an organization committed to the continuing education of dentists in the field of Oral Implantology.

Dr. Liaghati provided facial cosmetic services in our office to patients interested in taking years off their appearance. She has great skill in the use of Botox, Juvederm and other cosmetic fillers and the results and level of satisfaction has been terrific.

In June we welcomed Dr. Morris as associate dentist in our office. With a great education at U of T, internship at Harvard Women’s College and several years of experience behind her, Dr. Morris is a great addition to our practice seeing new and existing patients.

We recently renovated our sterilization area. Dr. Waldman is committed to staying in front of the curve not just for dental techniques, products and skills but also when it comes to the health and safety of patients and staff. Our new sterilizer is state of the art and allows us to meet and exceed all government standards and regulations in a faster and more efficient manner to meet the demands of our growing practice.

Our hopes and dreams for 2012 is to continue to strive to better serve our patients with the best dental care available, to see continued growth in the practice and to maintain that wonderful but elusive balance between work, family, fitness and well-being.

To everyone we wish you the very best through the holiday season and a New Year of health, prosperity and happiness.