Your Smile is the Window to Your Heart?

By Duptronics June 9, 2009

‘ as the saying goes ‘ ‘your eyes are the window to your soul’ and I now believe ‘your smile is the window to your heart’.


Today is officially the day that I start the rest of my life and with so much more to smile about. A couple of years ago I again got up the courage

(and actually made the appointment) to seek a dental professional team that I would feel comfortable with ‘ my litmus test was simple

‘ if I have the courage to set up an appointment and walk through the door and I’m accepted without any negative comments such as

‘why did you wait so long’ that’s all the encouragement I need!


It’s difficult to put into words what you Dr. Carol Waldman and your very dedicated and talented staff have given back to me but I’ll try.

Having a great smile has always been something that I wanted ‘ I have always been in control in other facets of my life and for some reason

getting my teeth taken care of left me with feelings of trepidation and embarrassment and of course, impacted all areas of my life and as

importantly, my health.


All that changed when I came to your office for my first consultation and this is the key ‘ you will leave your first appointment

confident in the knowledge that all the staff care about you and want the very best for you and your dental health. Then the journey truly begins!


I’m so different now ‘ I feel confident, smiling is second nature to me and I have a healthy and beautiful teeth; best of all, I’ve met some

very wonderful professionals who have come into my life and truly, truly care about me and my well-being.


Lastly, a very special heartfelt thanks to you Dr. Waldman; you are truly a consummate professional and sometimes when I said

‘it’s good enough’ you said ‘no, it’s not’ and proceeded to enhance my already wonderful smile into something really remarkable and

more than I could have ever envisioned or thought possible. This is a testament to your skill, patience and caring. I felt it the first day I met you and it

continues through to this day!


Your very grateful patient,

Susan B.